Our work is everywhere. throughout north america we have helped clients large and small transform their hospitality programs.

we have worked with our clients to deliverĀ on projects in all areas of business, including start-up, branding, construction, marketing, recruitment, training and operations.

below we showcase some project highlights from our past work.

the task

launch a pop-up restaurant

the task was daunting – in a short timeline launch a start-up restaurant in an existing space with existing equipment. the project covered all aspects of a restaurant launch from concept + branding, construction, menu engineering, recruitment, training, marketing, and opertionas

the journey

two men in the trenches

In short order, the team developed a concept, menu, and experience built around an existing space. With limited time, a small budget, the team of two created a bustling concept as part of the Newport on the Levee Winter Wonder on the Levee experience.

the results

rousing success

Winter Wonder on the Levee had a number of elements that all came together to create an unforgettable experience for guests. The efforts of all the teams involved were recognized when the project was awarded the Maxi Silver Award for Excellence in Marketing at the International Council of Shopping Centers Global Awards.

the task

evaluate BOH operaitons

tasked with evaluating the BOH operations for the iconic Vancouver B.C. restaurant, reporting on everything from staffing and culture to prime costs and menu development.

the journey

diving in head first

immersed in the operation over the course of three weeks the +change team dove into all aspects of the operation, recruited a new executive chef, and analyzed all the menu offerings.

the results

new leaders, new culture

with summer fast approaching, the restaurant was able to open with elevated menu offerings, a renowned executive chef, and a renewed culture.

the task

open in one month

asked to lead the opening of a third location for the classic Ottawa Ontario brand, Moose McGuire’s. the only catch was that it had to happen within one month.

the journey

getting the keys to the city

Travis Talbot and the +change team took on the challenge and created marketing plans, marketing materials, training plans, hiring fairs, and most importantly, set out to make a mark on the resort town dubbed “Brock Vegas”.

the results

the restaurant killers

if you can measure success by the nicknames acquired along the way, earning the title “restaurant killer” by the locals seems like a success. opening the doors on time, to full rooms nightly, “the moose” has become the place to be in short order.